Frequently asked questions

How much space is required to install a 1kW or 1000Watt Solar PV Plant?

1kW of Solar PV Plant takes around 100sq ft of shade free area.

What is meant by shade free area?

The Shade free area ahould not have any high building, tree & structure on South, East & West Direction. The space should have direct sunlight without any shadow coming from these three directions.

How much energy is generated by 1kW Solar PV Plant?

1kW of Solar PV Plant generates on an avergae 4 units(=4kWh) of electricty each day or 120 units each month or 440 units each year.

Is the generation of electricty constantly 120units for each month or 4 units for each day?

Generation of Solar is maximum in the months of January to May and less in the Months of August to September. For example in the month of March 1kW of Solar PV System could be generating close to 5units and during the rainy days it could be generating 3 units. But on an average, the system of 1kW Solar PV we install would generate 4 units per day.

Do I actually save the environment by going Solar?

1kW of Solar Panel reduces 1.4 tonnes of CO2 per year from the atmosphere.

Why a should I go Solar Now?

It is the best and most beneficial time to install Solar Rooftop primarily because: 1. Secure, Safe and High Rate of Return on Investment upto 20%. Double your money by saving on electricity bill within 5 years. 2. The ever increasing rates of state discoms electricity tarrifs. (for eg: MP Discom rates of electricty for more than 300 unit of electricity has risen from 2.25 to 6.3 a jump of 180% and continues to rise further and further. 3. The Solar PV Systems rates have decreased by almost 80% in last decade and are at its minimum, plus the promotional schemes/incentive in states like M.P. the return on investment is simply better. (as high as 15% to 30% of investment per year) 4. As per current regulations the states discoms of India have a lucrative Net-Metering Policy without any levy of transmission charges for reverse feeding in the utlity infrastructure. our connected load.

Can the Solar PV Grid-Connected System run my AC?

The installation of Solar PV Grid-Connected system doesn’t involve any changes or disturbance in the internal wiring. You can run whatever you are running currently with your existing disom connection. It can be understood as your own additional power source generating electricty at cheaper rates and reducing your electricity bill/consumption form the local discom.

Can I remove my existing Disocm connection after I install a Solar PV Grid-Connected Power Plant?

As the name suggests this is a Grid-Connected System and needs the utility/discom connection to function. Simply because the excess power generated is fed to the discom grid and in the evening power is drawn back from the discom grid.

How does excess power generated is accounted for?

In a Grid-Connected Net-Metered system the normal utility meter is replaced by a Bi-Directional/Net Meter installed by local Discom. When Net Metering is done, the installed Net Meter will show three different field displays viz 1. Import. 2. Export. 3. Net. In case excess power generated(Export>Import) in a month, the Net will be a minus reading. In case of minus reading the office of Discom generates 0 unit bill with only fixed charges for the month.The minus reading just like earlier forward Import reading is carried forward month after month and a credit/debit savings account of units starts with Discom.

How is the process of Net Metering done?

For Net Metering we have to submit an application and enter into an agreement with local Discom office. The process takes some time as it invloves process of approvals and testing and finally the Net Meter is installaed.

What are the Maintenence issues that need to be taken care?

A Solar PV Grid-Connected system without battery is free of any problematic/capital intensive maintenance, only panel have to be cleaned weekly due to dusts/debris that settle on it. Also the entire system with panels have a life of more than 25 years.

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